Pollination of tomatoes

The tomato harvest depends to a large extent on number of fruit set... Under natural conditions, all tomatoes are pollinated. insects and wind.

The quality of pollination is strongly influenced by weather. An important role in the pollination process is played by temperature. At night at temperatures less than 13 degrees anthers begin to deformtherefore the quality of the pollen is reduced. At temperatures above 30 or even 35 degrees, already ripe pollen grains begin to lose their viability. Then fertilization does not occur, and the flowers fall off. This overheating is very common in greenhouses.

Indoor conditions there are no natural factors, so pollination must be done manually by yourself. This process is not difficult at all. To do this, you need to prepare a thin soft brush. Brush it is necessary to touch each flower. The brush must first be slightly stained with pollen, and then the pistil of each flower should be stained with these particles of pollen.

Pollination of tomatoes need to carry out all blossoming flowers, excluding the time of their blooming. Pollination of tomatoes is best done at 8 - 10 o'clock in the morning... To help tomatoes, you can also very carefully during the flowering period every few days. shake the tomatoes... This method can be applied to homemade tomatoes and greenhouse tomatoes. Immediately after shaking the soil needs to be watered.Forced pollination promotes guaranteed pollination and fruiting on every flower.

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