Cucumbers Marinda F1

Marinda cucumbers F1 appeared on the domestic market in 1994, since that time this variety has become very popular and has proven itself well among Russian gardeners. This an early super popular in Europe and Russia hybrid of a gherkin for many years now it has been used with pleasure for salting and for fresh consumption.

Cucumbers Marinda F1 are suitable for growing both outdoors and indoors. Fruits with large tuberous pubescence, pleasant taste, without bitterness. The hybrid is resistant to powdery mildew, scab, cucumber mosaic virus, leaf spot, has complex resistance to many other diseases... This variety is well adapted to growing in a variety of conditions, has a high yield (about 30 kg per square meter), early ripening of the first cucumbers, the harvest appears 56 days after germination.

This variety is self-pollinating, does not need the help of bees, predominantly Marinda F1 is a female flowering type. Fruits are beautiful dark green in color, small, up to 10 cm in size, have small seed chambers and crunchy flesh. With proper care and nutrition, approximately 7 fruits are formed at each node.

These cucumbers considered a very powerful plant and at the same time open, they are easy to care for and harvest... Excellent taste and appearance allows you to successfully use the crop not only for your own food, but also for sale. Even with the most minimal maintenance and adverse weather conditions, gardeners get an excellent result of gherkins.

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