Anyuta grape is an amazing plant

Growing grapes in conditions that seem completely not intended for this is an exciting experience. Of course, before you start growing grapes in your summer cottage, you should study well agricultural technology of this lesson, learn the features of varieties intended for cultivation in this particular climatic region. Grapes Anyuta - an amazing variety that can be advised for growing to novice winegrowers.

This variety belongs to gibrid varieties... It contains the best qualities of the Kishmish radiant and Talisman varieties by the national breeder V.N. For a beginner grower, this variety will become the optimal garden plant, due to its excellent rooting and vitality. It easily covers a trellis 3 meters high during the growth period. For the first time, Anyuta begins to bear fruit 4-5 years after planting. For good growth and fruiting, this grape bush needs an increased feeding area.

This grape can be grown not only in warm regions, but also in central Russia, since Anyuta can withstand fairly severe frosts - up to minus 23 degrees. But shelter for the winter is still necessary for this grape variety.

The grape variety Anyuta ripens within 140 days, and therefore it is considered mid-season variety... In the region of the Rostov region, Volgograd, grapes ripen in late August - early September. A bunch of grapes of the Anyuta variety has a not too regular conical shape, its weight can reach 1500 grams. The berries are beautiful, glossy, dark pink in color, their flesh is fleshy, the skin is dense, but tender. The mass of one berry is about 20 grams, the size is up to 35 mm. The taste of grapes Anyuta grapes is very pleasant, with a slight nutmeg aftertaste and aroma.

This grape variety is resistant to various diseases with proper care. When treated with fungicidal preparations, Anyuta is not affected by powdery mildew and mildew.

Good luck!

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