Growing cherry tomatoes in the garden and at home

Recently, small-fruited cherry tomatoes have become very popular. Cherries are delicious and healthy because they contain more sugars, vitamins and antioxidants than regular tomatoes.

Growing cherry tomatoes is not much different from growing large tomatoes. Cherry tomato varieties and hybrids can be determinant, semi-determinate, indeterminate. All types can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Seedlings are sown in March-April, dive at the stage of appearance of two true leaves. Plants are planted in a greenhouse or soil when the spring frost is over. High indeterminate varieties form in one stem. All varieties should be tied up, even undersized determinant ones, otherwise the fruits will come into contact with the soil and become contaminated.

To prevent cracking of the cherry, you should maintain constant soil moisture, avoiding drying out and waterlogging. Cherries are harvested from the moment the first fruits ripen, periodically. If you pick unripe fruits, they will not be sweet enough, and if you delay harvesting, then the tomatoes may crumble.

Growing cherry tomatoes is possible both on the balcony and in the apartment. You just need to buy varieties specially adapted for a small area and poor lighting, for example, a Japanese dwarf or Craiova. True, you have to manually pollinate them in the apartment.

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