Yellow strawberry

Any garden-vegetable garden today is unthinkable without such a berry culture as strawberries. And here yellow strawberry is still a rarity. This variety, called "Yellow Miracle", was bred by Dutch breeders. This strawberry belongs to remontant varieties... Its first harvest ripens at about the same time as the medium-ripening red varieties, and the second - in August September. From this berry you can make wonderful jam, jelly, compotes. But it is tastier and healthier, of course, to eat it fresh.

Caring for a yellow strawberry is practically the same as caring for a remontant berry. This variety gives a lot of mustache and easily reproduces with their help. But if you have nowhere to take a mustache, you will first have to grow a berry from seeds, which, of course, requires certain knowledge. The seeds of any strawberry are very small, they cannot be embedded in the soil, you just need to spread them over its surface and cover with glass or polyethylene, creating a mini-greenhouse. So that the water does not wash off the seeds, they are not watered before the emergence of seedlings, but only sprayed from a spray bottle.

This variety resistant to most diseases and pests... It also easily tolerates winter frosts, can grow in the sun or in partial shade. Only ants can spoil your harvest, unmistakably choosing the ripe and beautiful berries. Yellow strawberries have compact and undersized bushes, each peduncle forms up to 10 medium-sized berries, first greenish-white, and then amber-yellow. The wonderful aroma of ripening berries is felt already 6 meters before the garden. And how wonderful the mix of yellow and red berries looks, what an amazing look and taste you can make a dessert out of it!

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