What are the health benefits of lettuce leaves

So winter is coming to an end and for all gardeners and gardeners the time of active preparation for the new season is approaching. What are the beneficial properties of saladthat is so delicious?

In my opinion, the main beneficial property of this vegetable is its delicate taste... In addition, the salad looks beautiful on the table and is actively used to decorate both festive and everyday dishes.

The beneficial properties of lettuce also lie in the fact that they contain a large amount of microelements and vitamins that are so necessary for a person. The salad is rich vitamin Cwhich helps the body fight viruses. Moreover, lettuce leaves contain about the same vitamin as in lemons, and they are recognized leaders in the content of this vitamin.

There are also a lot of carotene, and its content in the leaves of this tender vegetable is in no way inferior to the content of carotene in carrots.

For the proper functioning of the cells of our body, it is necessary folic acid and B vitamins... And it is these substances that are found in abundance in lettuce leaves.

Also, salad is a storehouse of all kinds of minerals - calcium and copper, zinc and iodine, as well as iron, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. the presence of these substances in lettuce leaves make it a welcome guest on the table every day.

Lettuce leaves are good for everyone - both large and small, thick and thin. This delicate vegetable is simply necessary for those who wish to lose weight.

Eat lettuce leaves - they will help keep you healthy!

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