Miscanthus in the photo

Among the perennial ornamental plants, there are many interesting species. The height of this plant often exceeds human growth.

Miscanthus is very heat-loving and hygrophilous plant. Even the first frosts can destroy a plant, so it is unrealistic to grow it in our country. Miscanthus is a fast growing reed found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia and Australia. Moreover, there are about 40 types.

The distinctive qualities of any type of miscanthus is endurance, so the plants live for 20 or even 30 years.

Miscanthus in the photo looks very nice. In addition to the fact that this crop is of great agricultural importance, it can be used for landscaping purposes as an ornamental tall grass. It looks especially harmonious near water bodies.

Miscanthus propagation occurs vegetatively... The best time for planting rhizomes is mid-spring. The main feature when growing this herbaceous crop is that it requires virtually no maintenance.

Despite the fact that miscanthus does not tolerate frost, practical experiments have shown that some species of it are able to withstand one not too frosty winter. In order not to be upset about the death of this interesting plant, it is best to admire it in photographs or pictures, since miscanthus in the photo looks just as great as in real life.

Watch the video: Haie de miscanthus sinensis gracillimus (October 2021).