The first flowers are snowdrops

Waiting for spring is always anxious. Snowdrops - these are exactly the flowers, seeing which you understand - spring has come.

Appearing on the first thawed spots, surrounded by melting snow, these flowers, despite all their fragility and tenderness, attract the attention of everyone. And we are practically everything primroses call snowdropswithout going into the specifics of each species. But there are many types of primroses, and only one of them has the right to be called a snowdrop. This flower bears the official name Galanthus... A remarkable name, isn't it? A very graceful, surprisingly gallant flower can appear on thawed patches warmed by the sun, even during the February thaws.

This snowdrop belongs to the lily species. It is a milky-white bell with petals elongated along its length. Snowdrop is listed in the Red Book and must be preserved. But now it is not difficult to grow a galanthus snowdrop on your personal plot. Snowdrop propagates by bulbs, which are small enough - up to 3 centimeters in diameter, and covered with yellowish scales. Snowdrops prefer soil that is moist and rich in minerals. For good growth and reproduction of Galanthus, the soil must be non-flooded, since due to excessive excess moisture in the soil, Galanthus may die.

You should not dig Galanthus snowdrops in the forest or forest park areas, because it is precisely because of the barbaric attitude towards these first spring flowers that they are recognized as an endangered species. It is best to go to a specialized plant selling plants and buy Galanthus bulbs there.

Good luck!

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