Growing and caring for potatoes

Perhaps there is not a single summer resident who would not grow potatoes on his site. After all, this is our second bread.

Growing and caring for potatoes is not very difficult, but quite laborious.

This crop grows in almost any climatic conditions, but an important condition for obtaining a good harvest is soil air permeability and sufficient watering.

The tubers sprouted in the light are planted for 30-40 days before the appearance of sprouts 1-1.5 cm long in a sufficiently heated ground, dug up in autumn or spring. They are planted in rows using the 25x30x60 scheme.

Caring for potatoes is feeding with organic matter or green manure (green fertilizers), weeding and hilling, which is carried out twice: at a germination height of up to 20 cm and when the soil is waterlogged for good ventilation of the roots. Flowers, and best of all, buds, it is advisable to cut off to preserve the vitality of the plant.

To protect against potato diseases, beans can be planted around the perimeter of the field. And from its pests, especially the Colorado potato beetle, planting chives between potatoes will help. Collecting orange beetle larvae by hand is also effective.

Harvested in August-September, 5 days before harvesting, it is advisable to mow the tops - this contributes to good storage of tubers. They are properly dried, material is taken from strong and productive bushes for seeds, and the rest is laid for storage.

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