Vegetable squash

Many gardeners like to grow squash vegetable on their site. But oddly enough, the younger generation does not always understand what to do with it and how to cook it!

I want to note right away that the squash is the same zucchini, only a slightly different shape! The fruits of the squash may differ from each other! They can be in the shape of a bell or in the shape of a plate, and of course the color range of the squash is very multifaceted! It can be yellow (this color is usually represented by squash), and white, and green!

So how to cook a squash!

A very simple recipe, I called it "Cheese Bags"! And my friend shared this recipe with me!


  1. Patisson - 2-3 pcs (depending on the number of desired portions and the size of the patissons);
  2. Egg - 2 pcs;
  3. Ground black pepper (to taste);
  4. Cheese (any hard varieties);
  5. Garlic - 2-3 cloves;
  6. Mayonnaise;
  7. Salt;
  8. Green onion feathers (for the number of patisson plates)!

Cooking method:

  1. Wash the patisson and cut into rings;
  2. Beat eggs in a separate plate and add salt and pepper to your taste, mix;
  3. Dip the squash slices in an egg and fry on both sides in a skillet until cooked;
  4. On another plate, grate the cheese, mix it in garlic, previously pressed through a garlic press, and mayonnaise;
  5. Put the cheese mixture on each toasted piece of squash, and collect in bags (the main thing is that the squash is still warm, otherwise it may break);
  6. So that the bags hold, they can be fixed with feathers of green onions! (but you can just spread it out in an expanded form - it is suitable as an appetizer);

Enjoy your meal!

Watch the video: Farm Fresh Squash Recipe Healthy Fresh Squash u0026 Egg Cooking Summer Squash Curry Village Food (January 2022).