Tomato seedlings turn yellow

Why do tomato seedlings turn yellow? This problem sometimes arises both for novice gardeners and experienced ones. If tomato seedlings turn yellow, then the future harvest may have decrease in quality and quantity.

Causes yellowing of the leaves can be different. Sometimes the lower leaves turn yellow and fall off, and the next leaves grow without any changes. Leaves may turn yellow due to exposure to low temperatures in case of frost. The reason for the yellowing of overgrown, but high-quality seedlings can be lack of land... It is also possible yellowing if the transplant formed dense root ball, which led to a lack of nutrition, disease and the death of roots. Such seedlings always take root for a very long time.

Yellowing of tomato seedlings is observed and with a lack of nutrition... More often not enough nitrogen and other trace elements. Seedlings may turn yellow immediately after transplanting them into the ground. It's connected with minor damage during the transplant itself, as well as exposure to lower temperatures, interaction with minerals dissolved in the soil.

To prevent yellowing, plants need to top dressing... The maximum concentration should be no more than 1 percent. At higher concentrations, punctate burns may occur. For this purpose, it is convenient to use liquid fertilizers... They are considered to be more secure. For each bush it is necessary to provide sufficient land, one bush should account for about three liters of land.

If the planting is done correctly, the deadlines are met, there will be no problems with tomatoes.

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