Reviews about growing strawberries on a personal plot

Reviews about growing strawberries on their own site are the most controversial. Some cannot boast that strawberries bear fruit very abundantly, others complain that they only have enough to eat, and there are no berries left for harvesting, and even more so, for sale.

Reading reviews about growing strawberries, I would like to note that the agricultural technology of this plant has its own nuances and subtleties, observing which you can collect strawberries with buckets.

A Few Tips for gardeners looking to increase the yield of strawberry beds:

- do not weed strawberries to bare ground - this is the risk of damaging the roots of the plant when removing the next pest, and extra work.

- it is advisable to cover the strawberries with mown grass, covering the roots, and not filling it completely. This gives a multiple effect (especially if there is no opportunity to visit the summer cottage more often than twice a week): additional plant nutrition, moisture retention in dry weather and prevention of weed spread.

- it is undesirable to use a film, otherwise the roots may simply burn out. You can only cover the paths between the beds with it.

- feed the plants best of all four times per season. The composition can be from a variety of food waste: sour milk, leftovers from apples, banana skins, so long as they are not moldy. Add some manure and water. A ten-liter bucket needs a liter of this mixture. Apply as normal fertilizer. Fertilization must be done in the spring, after the snow melts, after fruiting, before the winter cold and after flowering.

- it would be good to lead landing calendar, renewing the beds every three to four seasons. The bushes have the maximum strength in the second or third year - they give the largest harvest.

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