Strawberries from seeds - and this is possible

One of the most beloved berries grown on the backyard is strawberries. Strawberry is a rather unpretentious plant, which does not require a special climate and conditions for its growth and fruitfulness, it is relatively winter-hardy and very easily reproduces in many regions of our country, therefore, it is easy to breed strawberries at home, you can even try such a breeding method as strawberries from seeds.

It is very important to immediately decide that you can only propagate strawberries from seeds that does not give a mustache during growth. Strawberry seed growing is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, and many gardeners will be surprised at the advisability of this method of growing, since strawberry seeds can hardly be collected on their own. But it is very possible to buy them in a specialized store.

When growing strawberries from seeds, there is no need to sprinkle the seeds with soil, it is quite simple spread them out on the surface of the earth... Seeds are sown in a box, which should be covered with glass or plastic wrap. It is necessary to provide proper moisture in the soil, and it is also imperative to monitor the seedlings, as soon as they appear, the glass or film is removed. and the seedlings themselves are rearranged to sunny and warm place... By the way, strawberries need a lot of heat for normal growth.

As soon as 1-2 leaves have appeared on the plants, you can safely plant plants in separate pots. We must not forget about feeding strawberries and about timely watering. When it gets warm, strawberries are transplanted into the soil.

Seed strawberries are simple and very possible.

Watch the video: How to grow strawberry seed in bottle (November 2021).