How to choose green manure for potatoes?

An excellent harvest is the dream of every gardener. Most summer residents, taking care of the harvest, still try to use as little chemical fertilizers as possible. Vegetables grown on your own plot should be tasty and healthy.


  1. What are siderates
  2. Types of use of green manure
  3. Siderata for potatoes
  4. How to sow green manure for potatoes
  5. The effect of using green manure

The more value a vegetable has in the eyes of a gardener, the more concern about its yield. Especially important is the harvest of potatoes - a vegetable, the cultivation of which is a very time-consuming process. Therefore, it is so important to get a good harvest from a small plot. One of the environmentally friendly ways to increase the yield of potatoes is to plant siderates.

What are siderates

Siderata are plants that significantly improve the soil and increase yields. These useful plants are sown after harvest in autumn or early spring before planting the main crop. Siderat is allowed to grow up, and then buried in the ground. This must be done before flowering, because young plants decompose faster.

When decomposing, green manure enriches the soil with various micro and macroelements: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and others. At the same time, the activity of soil microorganisms is also activated. However, one should pay attention to the amount of green mass. If there is too much of it, then the siderates will not decompose, but sour.

Types of use of green manure

Siderata can be used in different ways. Distinguish between full, cut and aftermath fertilization with the help of siderates. With full fertilization, all the green mass is embedded in the soil (no deeper than 10 centimeters). In the aftermath method, only the roots are used, and the stems of the plants are mowed and harvested. This cut grass is used as fertilizer in another area. In this case, they talk about mowing fertilizer.

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Siderata for potatoes

Most of all, potatoes need phosphorus and nitrogen. Therefore, the best green manure for this vegetable will be legumes: peas, vetch, lupine, sweet clover, alfalfa. The action of these plants on the ground is similar to the action of manure. However, green manure decomposes in the soil much faster than manure. In addition, green manure is required to be introduced into the land much less than manure.

Can be used before planting potatoes and other green manures: colza, mustard, rapeseed, phacelia, oats, wheat, rye. These plants will protect the soil from blowing and leaching, enrich it with some trace elements. However, they will not release during the decomposition of nitrogen, an important trace element for potatoes. Therefore, with this choice, the yield will be significantly less than when using legumes as green manure.

But some of these plants (phacelia and white mustard) repel pests, such as wireworms, which often have to be fought by potato lovers. But rye and wheat improve the structure of the soil, inhibit the growth of weeds, but at the same time serve as excellent food for the wireworm.

How to sow green manure for potatoes

Sowing green manure should only be in well-cultivated soil. If this condition is neglected, then valuable plants will not be able to produce a sufficient amount of green mass, which means that there will be little benefit from them.

Growing plants also need watering - a normal condition for good growth.

One hundred square meters of land are usually sown from 0.8 to 2 kilograms of seeds. This should be done either a month and a half before the onset of cold weather, or in early May - late April. It is necessary to cut siderates no later than two weeks before planting the main crop, because they must still have time to rotate and enrich the land. In addition, you need to have time to cut the green manure before the seeds appear on them, otherwise, instead of benefit, they will harm, causing the appearance of weeds.

The effect of using green manure

Siderata are an excellent means of increasing yields because they:
• enrich the soil with nutrients necessary for good potato growth;
• can even completely replace manure;
• improve the structure of the soil, make it looser and more water-absorbing;
• reliably protect the ground from erosion, blowing, overheating;
• suppress the growth of weeds;
• help to reduce the number of pests.

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Experienced summer residents understand that siderates are an excellent weapon in the fight for the harvest. Their skillful use helps the soil to maintain fertility and nourish the vegetables that the summer resident grows on his site. The land always responds gratefully to such care of it and allows you to collect excellent harvests even in a small summer cottage.

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