Diseases of tomatoes in pictures

Unfortunately, plants are susceptible to various diseases, especially cultivated ones, just like humans and animals. Today we will see diseases of tomatoes in pictures and let's talk about why they arise. The most common of these is late blight... Spores can be carried in with the air current, even if the focus is 300 km away. This disease is a payback for the unusual conditions of detention, it never develops in warm sunny weather.

Gray and white rot usually affects greenhouse plants. The reason may be high humidity and too acidic soil. In this case, you should regularly ventilate the greenhouse, remove the affected parts of the plants and treat the tomatoes with a mixture of copper sulfate and lime.

Top rot affects plant tops and also green fruits. It develops due to a lack of calcium. It can be easily prevented by regularly applying calcium root and foliar applications.

Penicillosis the causative agent of which is a fungus, appears as a result of mechanical damage to the fruit.

Septoria affects mainly stems and leaves of plants. Light spots with a dark rim appear on them. It spreads through contaminated soil or seeds. And the rapid spread is facilitated by intense heat with high air humidity. For treatment, the plant is sprayed with copper chloride with the addition of a soap solution.

Susceptible to tomatoes and powdery mildew, which are infected through the soil or. Powdery mildew can appear on stems and leaves during any growing season. In this case, weekly spraying with colloidal sulfur helps well. Well, of course, in the fall, the remains of diseased plants should be burned.

Late blight, gray rot, apical rot, septoria - these diseases of tomatoes in pictures are attached to this article.

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