Planting asters for seedlings

Though asters are considered a symbol of the end of summer, almost every amateur gardener grows these beautiful flowers on their backyards or even just on the balconies. Many flowers can envy the variety of colors of asters - white, pink, purple, rainbow, and the shapes of the petals are also different.

Despite the late flowering of asters, very often in spring planting asters for seedlings is a must-have procedure for a gardener. Asters - quite unpretentious flowers, but for normal growth and the formation of a beautiful bud, like many other plants, asters need a fertile soil with sufficient nutrient content... That is why, even in the fall, at the sites of asters sowing, it is necessary to apply fertilizers in the form of humus to the soil where the seeds will be sown.

Planting asters for seedlings can be done as soon as the earth warms up well, but it is very important that the earth is sufficiently moist, which will provide the aster with abundant flowering, because along with nutrient soil, water is very important for it and moisture... Therefore, it is very important to pour enough water into the furrow holes before sowing seeds - it will not interfere. After planting the seeds, the area can be covered with plastic wrap. As soon as the shoots have appeared, the film is removed.

With the appearance of one leaf on aster seedlings thin outthat will need to be repeated regularly every 7 days in order for the flowers to grow lush and large. More grown plants can be planted in other places. We must not forget about fertilization, for which the most common mullein or mineral complex fertilizers will do.

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