Growing lavender in a room - the smell of summer all year round

Lavender is an essential oil plant that grows as an evergreen shrub in the wild in the Mediterranean, India, and the Canary Islands. Growing lavender in a room must be accompanied by an abundance of light and warmth.

However, lavender is a fairly hardy plant, capable of withstanding heat and drought and frost. Adult plants tolerate even 30-degree frosts painlessly.

Although lavender will be satisfied with poor soil, it must be necessarily light, since heavy soils are contraindicated for it, it simply will not grow there. The soil mixture is composed of leafy earth (3 parts), humus (2 parts) and sand (1 part). And in sandy soil, where lime is added, lavender will feel just great.

This plant loves sunny but cool places... A cool balcony, terrace or outside window is ideal for her. Watering is obligatory once a day - in the early morning or in the evening. Moreover, in order for the cultivation of lavender in the room to bring a lush beautiful flower as a result, it is necessary to water not so much the soil as the green part of the plant. In winter, when the heating is on and the air is drier, they use a humidifier or spray water from a spray bottle near the bush, but they water it less often. Moreover, it is impossible to allow stagnation of water in the pot, the pot must be necessarily with holes in the bottom, so that excess water flows into the pan.

Lavender also needs periodic pruning, best in the spring.

Watch the video: Growing Lavender in Texas (October 2021).