Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse in winter

The key to proper nutrition is consumption of vegetables and fruits throughout the entire 12 months, but it is far from always possible to find this or that fresh vegetable in winter. Yes, cucumbers can be found on store shelves in winter, but these are not at all the crispy and aromatic cucumbers that we collect in the garden in the summer.

Although if you think about it growing cucumbers in a greenhouse in winter, then you can pamper yourself and the whole family with fresh cucumbers in a pimple by the beginning of February (the seeds are sown in early December).

For growing cucumbers in a greenhouse in winter, you should choose self-pollinated seeds, which are sown one at a time in small cups. Very important for cucumbers air and soil temperature, which should be about 25-30 degrees before germination, and then - 20-24 degrees during the growth of seedlings during the day and + 18-19 degrees, respectively, at night.

Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse in winter requires sufficient lighting for plants, therefore, before the cucumbers rise, they must be illuminated with a lamp at the rate of 400 W per 1 sq. m. 2-3 days without a break. After germination, the lamp is placed at a distance of 60 cm from the plants and the lighting time is reduced to 14 hours a day. Do not light the plants a day before planting seedlings in permanent soil.

During the period of growing seedlings, cucumbers should be 2 times feed with mineral fertilizers - 1 time before germination and 2 times a few days before transplanting to the main place.

Seedlings are planted in the heated soil in early January, and a couple of days after planting, the plants must be tied up. In growing cucumbers in winter, it is very important to do it right. form a plantso that it bears fruit early. By the end of February, the first cucumbers can be harvested, and the harvest should be carried out regularly so that the yield does not decrease right up to April. Be sure to water and fertilize after each picking of cucumbers, which is done 2-3 times a week.

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