Codonopsis lanceolate - original climbing perennial

The homeland of this amazing curly perennial is the Far East, it is there that you can find codonopsis lacent in wild nature. The leaves of the plant are beautiful, slightly fleecy.

The flowers of the plant are bell-shaped, very exquisite and beautiful, have bluish-green or purple edges, the same specks and specks. The seeds of the plant are smooth and dull, winged. Codonopsis blooms throughout July-August.

In addition to high decorative qualities the plant has medicinal properties... Its roots are harvested and used in the preparation of medicines for enhancing immunity, treating cough, anemia, intestinal diseases, diabetes, atherosclerosis. Moreover, the roots of the plant, not without reason, believe substitute for ginseng.

It is also possible to grow codonopsis lacynt in the conditions of the middle lane. The plant prefers nutritious and fairly loose soil, well-lit and slightly shaded places. Those who want to grow codonopsis need to take into account that the plant is extremely demanding on soil moisture... Although the plant is considered winter-hardy, it will still require preventive shelter for the winter. For this, coniferous spruce branches are quite suitable.

Codonopsis is grown from seeds, which are planted in the ground in the spring. The plant does not like transplants. For the normal growth of codonopsis, support is required.

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