Ground Jerusalem artichoke pear - pantry of benefits

Tall yellow flowers, somewhat like sunflowers, can be seen everywhere. Gradually earthen pear Jerusalem artichoke conquered the whole world. Perhaps its cultivation is not very common in amateur gardening and horticulture here, in Russia. but the useful and taste qualities of Jerusalem artichoke do not allow you to forget about this plant forever.

Those vitamins and trace elements that are contained in Jerusalem artichoke tubers are striking in their abundance. Jerusalem artichoke is often compared to potatoes. So in terms of the content of vitamin C and B vitamins, an earthen pear is twice as great as the second bread! Special mention should be made of the thiamine contained in Jerusalem artichoke. This, as they say, is a vitamin for good mood and increased performance. This wonderful plant also contains a lot of potassium and magnesium, useful for the heart, phosphorus and silicon, zinc and iron, an insufficient amount of which affects the work, growth and development of the whole organism.

Jerusalem artichoke is a very wonderful plant. It does not require special care, it does not tolerate only high soil moisture. And the rest - it is absolutely unpretentious. Jerusalem artichoke can grow in the same place for up to 30 years! And at the same time, during growth, delighting the eyes with beautiful, bright colors.

Jerusalem artichoke is dug in the same way as potatoes. Basically, its tubers are located at a sufficient depth - 30 centimeters. After digging, the tubers can be harvested for future use, cook various dishes from them for the daily table, eat them raw and keep them fresh for the winter. There are many recipes for using Jerusalem artichoke! And, interestingly, an earthen pear can be pickled for future use and made jam from it.

Such a wonderful, beautiful, tasty and healthy miracle plant can be planted on your site!

Good luck!

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