Adonis in medicine, adonis in the photo, adonis in nature

It's great to walk through the spring forest, listen to birdsong, look at the first blossoming flowers. I just want to touch these tender sprouts! But one plant is a primrose, I would like to emphasize especially - this Spring adonis.

A stunning flower that is one of the very first to give us its beauty. Delicate greenery, like Christmas-tree needles, combined with yellow flowers that look like little suns - all this makes the plant extremely amazing. The adonis in the photo looks just amazing, but in the forest it is simply unique. It's not for nothing that the second name of the adonis adonis is in honor of the ancient Greek youth of unearthly beauty.

But, besides beauty, the adonis has one more advantage - it is medicinal... Since all parts of this plant contain cardiac glycosides (adinitoxin, cymarine, saponins), it is simply irreplaceable in the treatment of heart diseases. It is also used as a powerful diuretic, for example, to remove stones from the kidneys and bladder.

On an industrial scale, adonis is used for the manufacture of medical products, which are used for heart failure, with vegetative-vascular neuroses. These are the drugs adonizide, cardiazitis and the tablets "Adonis-bromine". It is worth noting, however, that for all its beauty, adonis is a poisonous plant that can lead to serious poisoning. Therefore, the above means should be used only as directed by a doctor.

And in the end I would like to say that the medicinal abilities of a flower, and itself Adonis in the photo - it's great. But it would be better and more correct to admire a flower in wildlife, in natural conditions. Therefore, in late April - early May, welcome to the spring forest. Adonis is waiting!

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