The use of rose petals in folk medicine and cosmetology

The queen of flowers rose is grown not only for decorative purposes, but also as a material for obtaining essential oil products, as well as medicinal raw materials... Among other things, rose petals are great anti-aging agent, which is widely used in cosmetology.

Applying rose petals in folk medicine, it is advisable in the treatment of poorly healing (including purulent) wounds and pressure sores. White rose petal jam is an effective remedy for the treatment of constipation and the fight against worms, and the red rose, which has a sufficiently strong fastening and astringent effect, is used for diarrhea and various ailments of the gastrointestinal tracthaving an inflammatory origin. Infusions from this flower (in particular, the so-called rose water) are widely used for the treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

Also, the rose is an integral part many cosmetic products: both branded and home. The use of rose petals is especially effective in all kinds of cosmetic masks for the body and face. For instance, a mask helps to remove irritation from the skin, consisting of an infusion of rose petals, seasoned with ordinary potato starch, and to restore elasticity - a mask of rose petals, sage, chamomile, dill, mint and lime blossom, taken in equal proportions, poured in boiling water.

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