Useful properties and uses of lingonberry leaf

Well, who doesn't know and doesn't like lingonberries? This plant with juicy fleshy leaves and delicious sweet and sour berries ubiquitous in many countries with a temperate climate. However, folk healers use not only the berries of this plant, but also its leaves, which have many useful properties.

So, leathery lingonberry leaves are a fairly powerful antiseptic, diuretic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, wound-healing, and tonic. Lingonberry leaf application it is advisable for viral diseases (in particular, for ailments provoked by influenza and herpes viruses). Separately, it is worth noting the benefits of the lingonberry leaf as a valuable storehouse of proteins for people on a diet.

Infusions and decoctions of the leaves of this plant contribute to a significant decrease in blood sugar concentration, therefore, the use of lingonberry leaf will be very useful for people suffering from diabetes. Lingonberry leaves are also extremely rich in substances such as phytoncides, which are an extremely powerful natural antiseptic. Therefore, infusions and decoctions based on them (which, by the way, can both be taken orally or used for douching for rinsing the mouth and throat) will be very effective for getting rid of many infections and especially staphylococcal.

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