Salvia in the photo - charming beauty

Spectacular and unusual plant called salvia came to us from the warm countries of Southern Europe... Most salvia species are herbaceous plants (Salvia in the photo), however, among them there are also semi-shrubs and shrubs.

The most common types of this flower include whorled salvia, which is highly decorative and has a fairly high cold resistance (like many representatives of this genus, it blooms from mid-summer until the onset of the first frost). Salvia red has no less decorative value, which, as can be seen from its very name, has bright scarlet showy flowers... Salvia in the photo is a typical representative of this species. Salvia marsh also looks impressive, having rather large elongated leaves with carved edges and flowers painted in an intense blue-blue hue. The owner of the brightest colors, painted in shades of purple and pink or modest white, is salvia meadow.

This plant can be easily grown on your backyard or even on your balcony. Late Winter Salvia Seeds sown in lime-rich soil and sent to a warm, bright place. After about a week, the first shoots of the plant appear, which should be dived in a month. Further care for salvia is in her watering and feeding, which should be carried out every two weeks until the beginning of flowering.

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