What are the beneficial properties of onions

Why do almost all children dislike onions? especially in soup or meat ... What are useful properties of onions?

First, the bow, as they say, helps from seven ailments... Its active substances, phytoncides first of all, they fight many diseases. Colds, severe coughs, sore throats, runny nose, hair and scalp treatment, cracked heels and flaky elbows and palms - all these problems can be cured by onions. So, for example, to overcome a strong cough, milk with onions will help with difficult sputum. Luchin needs to darken in milk and drink this medicine several times a day. With a runny nose or the possibility of getting the flu or SARS, you can use onion juice, diluted in half with water for instillation into the nose. Abscesses and pimples are well cured with grated onion gruel, which is superimposed on the abscess for several hours. Onion juice can strengthen your hair well - you need to rub it into the scalp at night, rinse your head with a suitable shampoo in the morning. This procedure should be carried out for four weeks in a row every other day.

Onion peels, infused for a certain time, are used as insecticidal agent for the cultivation of horticultural and horticultural crops.

A torch cut in half will help well clean mirrors and window panes... Simply wipe the surface first with an onion and then with a soft cloth.

Almost every housewife has once faced a problem. remove markings... After all, the iron has gape a little or has overheated - and here you are - a yellow spot spoils the whole product. But onion juice will also help to cope with tan marks. First, the stain must be treated with onion juice, you can simply wipe it with a splinter cut in half, then the product must be washed with a suitable detergent.

Using the beneficial properties of onions in everyday life and for health will bring a lot of benefits!

Good luck!

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