Care, maintenance and reproduction of royal pelargonium

Pelargonium or geranium became a permanent resident of our apartments, houses, and in the summer and gardens. And from pelargonium, "blows" only positive: after all, it is she who endows a person with sociability, purposefulness and friendliness.

Pelargonium is an unpretentious plant that does not require any special conditions. But even among them there are plants that require special care, for example, Royal Pelargonium.

This geranium got its name for a reason. Royal pelargonium and the attitude towards itself requires a royal: it needs careful care and certain conditions, otherwise you can not wait for flowers from it at all. Therefore, experienced flower growers have identified several nuances that must be observed in order for pelargonium to bloom.

  • Royal Pelargonium loves the sun. But in extreme heat, it must be shaded. In addition, this type of geranium cannot live in the garden either: it does not like wind and rain.
  • The requirements for the temperature of this plant are as follows: in winter and at night, it should remain at a level of 15 ° C.
  • Fertilization is needed during the period of active growth - in summer and spring. Watering should be carried out as follows: from March to August, it should be active, and in winter it should be rare.

Reproduction of royal pelargonium occurs vegetatively, in late summer - early autumn. To do this, cut off a stalk from the top of the shoot with 2-3 internodes and sprinkle with coal powder. After they are dry, they should be placed in wet sand.

It is worth knowing that the reproduction of royal pelargonium by placing the cuttings in a jar is completely inappropriate for her. It will just rot.

After the cuttings are rooted, they must be planted in pots that have good drainage. Well, then you need to provide care, the nuances of which were described above.

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