My love is the night violet Mattiola

The delicate and delicate scent of flowers enchants everyone. And this miracle is called - night violet mattiola... White nights, summer, friends ...

Why this flower is called the night violet is understandable. Its uncomplicated, nondescript flowers open up in the evening, enveloping everything around with a subtle enchanting aroma. Why exactly a violet is not clear, most likely for the same charm that is inherent in violets.

Mattiola two-horned, and this is how the night violet is correctly called, belongs to the cruciferous family. Well, yes, she is a relative of the rape - the same pretentious, the same calm. Matthiola will not be ripped off for bouquets. But those who appreciate the charm of flowers will surely decorate their garden or balcony with it.

Night violets are sown directly into the ground, at the end of April and May. It is very, let's say, early ripening, the cycle of its development from a seed planted in the ground to flowering is only 60 days. That is why matthiola can be sown several times, every 15 days. Then the wonderful, romantic, exquisite aroma of night violets will enchant you all summer long.

Mattiola is two-horned unpretentious, but it is still preferable to grow it in a sunny or slightly shaded place. She is just as calm about the type of soil. If the soil is light and nutritious, matthiola can be sown in winter, it will grow easily in warm weather.

Good luck!

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