Petunia cascading in the photo - a waterfall of brightness

Cascade or ampelous petunia most popular in Europe for landscaping balconies of city apartments, verandas and terraces of restaurants and cafes. But more and more flower growers are turning their attention to petunias, which have long climbing shoots.

Petunia cascading in the photo hardly anyone can leave indifferent. Thanks to the long shoots reaching 80-100 cm, the plantings of this type of petunia resemble a flower waterfall. Planted on balconies, they cover their entire fence with a flowering carpet, which looks incredibly beautiful.

Growing a cascade petunia is no different from growing the bush petunia we are used to. You can plant seeds or propagate the petunia by cuttings.

If you want to place an ampelous petunia in a hanging planter, then plant from 3 to 5 plants in one pot at once. Then the flower arrangement will be thick, there will be many flowers on it. Do not deeply bury the seedlings in pots, the roots of the petunia are tender, they can be easily damaged.

In order for the cascading petunia to bush better, it is necessary to pinch each plant at a height of 5-6 leaves. It is better to do this 10-15 days after transplanting seedlings into permanent pots.

The cascading petunia in the photo is usually strewn with a huge number of flowers. To achieve the same abundant flowering, feed the plants at every watering mineral fertilizer. You can also arrange foliar feeding. Petunias are very "gluttonous" plants in terms of fertilizers, but for such care they will generously thank you with lush flowering.

On hot days, water the petunias daily. If planters or containers with plants are placed in your garden, then you can water them directly from the hose.

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