Godetia in the photo

Are you going to plant some new beautiful flower on your site? Godetia in the photo will help you make your choice, because this is a truly attractive flower.

Godetia is an annual herb that belongs to the Cyprus family. Godetia in the photo will prove the superiority of this flower.

Godetia is herbaceous plant, which is a compact bush reaching 40-60 cm in height. This plant has branchy and smooth stems. Leaves are lanceolate, abundant, arranged in regular order. The flowers are simple, large or terry - they are collected in lush inflorescences. The diameter of the inflorescences can reach 6-7 cm. Godetia has a taproot system.

Godetia is very light-loving and cold-resistant plant... You can see all the beauty of this plant when all its flowers bloom - then the brush has a very elegant look, since all flowers are different shades among themselves.

Godetia blooms from the very beginning of June to the end of September. This beautiful plant will be an ideal component for creating ornaments in squares and parks. Due to its unusual beauty, this plant can be easily grown on balconies. Daffodils, tulips, marigolds and zinnias can be combined with godetia.

Godetia is considered a frost-hardy, undemanding, light-loving plant, therefore it is planted very early in the ground. It is advisable to plant in nutrient-rich loamy soil. Do not allow waterlogging.

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