What are the health benefits of almonds

Everyone loves nuts! and no one will convince me otherwise. For example, I adore almond... But besides your favorite taste, what else are useful properties of almonds? It turns out that there are not so few of them.

By the almond tree medicinal raw materials serve not only nuts, but also leaves and fruits. Almond nuts, in particular, are saturated with fatty oils, carbohydrates, vitamin B2, as well as cyanogenic compounds, which give almond nuts such a fascinating, slightly tart aroma. IN leaves almond tree found caffeic, phyrule and coumaric acids, flavonoids. IN fruits - glucose, maltose, sucrose, galactose, vitamin B1, organic acids and fatty oils. And just like nuts, almond leaves and fruits contain cyanogenic compounds.

Drugsmade from the leaves, fruits or nuts of almonds, possess anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, anticonvulsant, sedative, analgesic, anti-rot, enveloping and laxative effect.

Almond nuts are prepared almond water, which is used for heart and nervous disorders. Almond oil are prescribed for use in case of problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, with dermatitis, alopecia, with stomatitis. This oil is actively used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, ears, as well as for severe cough with difficult sputum.

Eat almonds for fun and health!

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