Growing from dichondra seeds, not as productive as grafting

Dichondra - an amazing-looking waterfall of green or silvery-green leaves, which will be an eye-catching spot in the ampelous design.

Exists "Silver Falls" ash-silver leaves, silky in appearance, as they are covered with a light down, suitable for a sunny place, and "Emerald Falls" - a medium-sized plant with green leaves, will thrive in the shade of trees.

Dichondra is propagated either by cuttings or seeds. Growing from dichondra seeds will take some effort. The seeds must be sown before the end of February, slightly sprinkling them with earth, then covering them with glass and exposing them to a warm place. Important! The humidity should be constantly maintained and after ten days the seeds will hatch. Dichondra can be transplanted when two main leaves appear, in small pots, which are no more than 10 cm in diameter. Dichondra grows slowly and may look thin and weak, but by the beginning of summer everything will change.

Cuttings are preferredthan growing from dichondra seeds, since the plant grows faster, and for this it is necessary to keep the dichondra in the house, which is difficult for many. However, this is not a difficult process, in fact, a pots with a plant should be brought into the house and periodically rooted shoots that have grown, pinning them to the ground. New shoots will appear from the pinning site, which can be transplanted immediately if they overloaded the pots with the mother plant.

Another way of grafting - this is to trim the dichondra in the fall and plant the cuttings in different pots, maintaining moisture.

Or, in general, the entire mother plant can be saved and planted in a new flowerpot in the spring - it will grow again and, moreover, faster.

Watering is important for dichondra, therefore, it should be watered regularly and monitored so that its earthen lump does not dry out. So that the plant branches better, you need to cut it off, and you can try to root the cut stems.

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