Growing saxifrage from seeds is troublesome, but rewarding.

One of the favorite plants by many gardeners and gardeners is saxifrage... But still, this plant is very common. From time to time the question arises before many growers - is it possible growing saxifrage from seeds? Yes, experienced florists answer, perhaps, but with some interesting features.

Before planting, that is, burying the seeds of this plant in the ground, they must chill... They do it like this: they pour earth into the container. Light soil is suitable for saxifrage, slightly moistened - not dry and not very wet. Seeds just need to be scattered not too often on the surface of the earth, and ... put this container in the refrigerator for 2-2.5 weeks. After this time, the container with the seeds must be placed on the windowsill, covered with a film. Seedlings are planted in open ground, like pieces of pie from a plate - cut in lobes and with a spatula, or in a whole piece, together with the ground and planted.

Some gardeners advise sowing saxifrage seeds immediately in open ground... This should be done in March-April. Then the cold treatment of the saxifrage will take place just like that, without effort on the part of the grower.

There is one, let's say, a sign, if the saxifrage seeds did not germinate within 2-3 weeks after planting, then there is no point in waiting for the sprouts to appear - it will not sprout.

Saxifrage easily takes root on light soils, one might say, depleted. She will serve as a charming inhabitant of an alpine slide, rockery or just a plot of a flower garden. Its diversity allows you to get very interesting design solutions for the landscape.

Good luck!

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