Night violet in the photo

Night violet in the photo looks not at all remarkable. Towards evening, small four-petal flowers, painted in a delicate light lilac color, open on the plant.

The beauty of the night violet or matthiola lies in the aroma emanating from it. Smells like mattiola in the evening and at night, from which the plant is called the night violet. Its light, unobtrusive aroma is perfectly combined with the coolness of a summer evening. Even a casual passer-by, having caught this sweetish smell, will stop for a while to find the source of the aroma and enjoy it to their fullest.

The night violet in the photo is most often found in composition with other annual flowers. It is good to plant it along sidewalks, curbs and paths. Mattiola is perfect for framing front gardens and flower beds.

Night violet easy to grow even at home... Sow the seeds in a large, shallow pot or pot with low sides and the delicate aroma of night violets will spread throughout your home.

For budding gardeners, Matthiola is an excellent material to experiment and practice. It is very easy to grow it, it is absolutely not demanding on climatic conditions.

It is better to sow seeds of a night violet in fertile soilswhen all early spring frosts have passed. When watering, moderation should be observed - the plant should not be flooded, but it is also not worth allowing the soil to dry out.

If necessary, the night violet can be fed organic and mineral fertilizers.

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