How to grow white cabbage

Nowadays, in the garden of any summer resident, you can find cabbage seedlings, and the varieties and appearance on each site are different. Someone loves white cabbage, someone plants cauliflower, someone decorative!

The most common white cabbage, as it is easy and simple to grow it in our climate, and on any soil!

So how to grow white cabbage?

Let's start off with. that white cabbage is not very whimsical and frost-resistant! And you can plant it both through seedlings and in open ground!

It is worth preparing in advance for planting seedlings! Even in the fall, it is worth plowing the land on which our cabbage will grow!

Seeds germinate at temperatures between 0 and 3 degrees Celsius! So she will easily survive the spring frosts! But in hot weather and poor watering, it can die!

There are several types of white cabbage: early, late and mid-season varieties!

Planting early varieties should start in mid-March, mid-season varieties are sown at the end of April and, accordingly, late ones in early April!

If you grow white cabbage in the open field, then it is worth covering them with foil until mid-May and do not forget about watering! When watering, drive should be cool, but not cold, otherwise you will be left without a good harvest!

At a temperature of 10 - 15 degrees, the cabbage will feel comfortable!

Also, for good growth, it is worth remembering that white cabbage loves light, and it would be extremely unwise to plant it in the shade of trees or a fence!

It is also worth remembering that our cabbage is not a small plant, and certain norms must be observed when planting it in the ground! It is worth planting seeds at a distance of 30 centimeters from each other, so that the plants do not interfere with the normal growth of each other! And the distance between the rows of cabbage should be at least 50 centimeters!

By fulfilling these simple requirements, you can easily get an excellent harvest of white cabbage!

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