Flowerbed Experiments: Growing Dorotheanthus

Many gorgeous flowers are not yet very popular with our florists. That's growing Dorotheanthus still has not become a favorite and mass business of amateur flower growers. But this is a very wonderful, delicate and remarkable flower.

Let's start with what Dorotheanthus is going on from South Africa... Therefore it is enough thermophilic in cultivation, but also adapts easily to a little shading. This flower has delicate flowers, somewhat similar to a daisy or a simple aster. But, unlike these beloved and common flowers, Dorotheanthus has one remarkable feature - it opens the buds only with the rising of the sun and, together with the sun, "go to bed", collecting delicate petals in a bud. Doroteanthus flowers very effective - they can be of different colors with protruding dark stamens.

In addition to this "regime" feature, Dorotheanthus also has very unusual stems and leaves. Not only are they fleshy, covered with delicate "fluff", but also "decorated" special papillaethat look like ice crystals or dew drops. It is thanks to such unusual parts that this flower will be colloquially called "crystal grass".

Doroteanthus is grown in several species, about 15 of them are available in Russia. This flower is planted with seeds, around March - early April, in a light sandy ground. It should be noted that the sprouts of Dorotheanthus do not like "moving", and therefore it is better not to dive, but try to plant them immediately so that the plants have a place for development. You can, if you wish, plant the seeds in separate peat pots... And when the time comes to plant them in open ground, you can do it right away with a pot.

Dorotheanthus is planted for permanent residence only when the warm weather has cleared and the frosts recede. Both when growing seedlings and caring for adult plants, the "drinking regime" should be observed - these flowers easily rot from excess moisture... Therefore, choose a dry place for them, but do not forget to water.

Good luck!

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