Jasmine gardenia requires special care

Japanese beauty - this is how the growers affectionately call the jasmine gardenia (it should not be confused with hydrangea). But in the interior, among flowering plants, gardenias are simply unmatched.

As is clear from the above, gardenia jasmine came to us from distant Japan. There, this plant grows in natural conditions and is a shrub, reaching a height of one and a half meters. Flowers, most often white, double or simple, can reach 10 cm in diameter.

Unfortunately, the jasmine gardenia is a very finicky plant. She is capricious and demanding in care. For example, gardenia does not like sudden changes in temperature... The temperature range in which the flower feels good is from 15oC to 25oC. Moreover, special attention should be paid to gardenia in winter, since it is at this time that the roots often freeze. To avoid this, you should not put the flower on a cold windowsill.

A considerable demand for gardenia jasmine is also to air humidity... Moreover, she does not really like spraying. Experienced gardeners use wet pebbles: a flower pot is placed in a tray filled with constantly moist pebbles or expanded clay.

Watering the gardenia should also be done with care. Use warm water. Watering should be abundant, but at the same time, water stagnation in the sump should not be allowed. You should especially monitor the condition of the soil during flowering.

Particular attention should be paid to gardenia pruning. To obtain a lush and beautiful young bush, it is recommended to pin the tops of the shoots. In adult plants, after flowering, weak shoots should be removed, and the remaining ones are cut to the desired length - usually cut by 1/3.

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