Tall and short marigolds

Marigold - flowers from the Aster family, very popular among gardeners because of their unpretentiousness and ease of growing. Marigolds love to use to create rabatki, flower beds, for color spots, etc.

High marigolds can reach a meter in height, have large, beautiful, rounded inflorescences. Great for decorating garden areas in groups with other lower flowers.

Low marigolds compact, branched bushes that can reach 40 cm in height or only 15 cm in height. They have a diverse range of flower colors, which helps to create a beautiful flower bed rich in color. Low marigolds are great for borders, carpet flower beds, for decorating windows and balconies.

Thin-leaved marigolds inferior in their decorativeness to high and low marigolds, thin and graceful plants with small inflorescences, which are difficult to grow in our latitudes.

Marigolds are unpretentious plants that can be grown through sowing seeds in open ground or through seedlings. If the climatic conditions are harsh, then it is better to grow seedlings. Seeds for sowing and seedlings can be collected independently from their flowers or bought in stores, it should be borne in mind that marigolds are capable of pollinating and from those seeds that they collected in their flower beds, flowers of a completely different color can grow next year. Purchased seeds will give more guaranteed results.

Seeds for seedlings must be sown in grooves created in the soil mixture, observing one and a half cm distance between them, but seedlings can be planted only at an established warm temperature, since hypothermia will destroy the seedlings.

Marigolds are not only resistant to all sorts of pests and diseases, they also scare off pests of vegetable and berry crops, so it is advisable to plant flowers between vegetable beds.

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