Useful properties of horseradish

This resistant weed has enjoyed well-deserved recognition among many peoples of the world for many years. It's hard for us to imagine winter holidays without jellied meat and beets with horseradish, colds - without horseradish with honey, Easter - without horseradish in a basket, and violent emotions - without a red word with the use of the name of this culture.

By itself horseradish - perennial plant. But after the age of three, his roots harden, and it is difficult to use them for food. Since ancient times, this culture has been cultivated as a seasoning, spice for various dishes, and as a cure for certain diseases.

Fuck is rich source of B vitamins... It is said to have even more vitamin C than traditional lemons and more vitamin A than carrots. There are also many useful substances and microelements here, such as phosphorus and calcium, copper and iron.

What are the useful properties of horseradish? It's beautiful in the first place blood purifier... In folk medicine of different countries, it was used for the treatment of asthma and tuberculosis, scurvy and even cancer... In moderate quantities, this plant has a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. We have also already mentioned the common cold. In this case, horseradish is really a good medicine. He has antibacterial and expectorant properties and successfully fights E. coli and staphylococcus... He also treats sore throat and seborrhea, and in cosmetology it is used as a remedy for lightening freckles and age spots.

Contraindications to the use of horseradish are diseases such as hepatitis and ulcers, enterocolitis and chronic colitis. Since it causes an increased appetite, obese people should also refrain from frequent intake of horseradish.

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