Cyclamen European in the photo is magnificent

If you look at Cyclamen European in the photo, then you can see what a beautiful plant it is, especially when it blooms. Flowering occurs in February March, flowers must be removed after flowering with a peduncle.

Cyclamen unpretentious plant, grows for an average of 15 years and blooms every year. It should be placed on or near a windowsill, protected from direct sunlight. The soil for the plant should be of an equal amount of sand and peat, deciduous, turf and humus soil, and good drainage should also be done.

In summer, Cyclamen European needs to be watered abundantly through a sump with water at a temperature 4 degrees lower than room temperature, and after about an hour and a half, pour excess water from the sump (to prevent root rot). In winter, watering should be significantly reduced and, if possible, given additional light to the plant for three hours.

In the spring Cyclamen should be fed and mineral and organic fertilizers, but be careful not to overdo it with nitrogen, in this case the tuberous roots will rot.

Once every three years, Cyclamen must be carefully replanted in the spring., when there are already several tubers, so as not to damage them and plant so that the tubers protrude almost half above the ground.

The European cyclamen in the photo cannot convey the fact that its flowers are not only very beautiful, but also fragrant, for which it is revered by many plant lovers. but Cyclamen juice is poisonous - can cause severe irritation on the skin, so you should be careful when caring for it.

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