Growing kobei seedlings outdoors

Kobea climbing is a representative of the cyanide family. This is a perennial plant that will decorate any fence, as it is curly with long tendrils up to 6 meters and a tenacious stem.

Grows well on loose, fertile and moist soil in an open sunny area. Doesn't need additional feeding.
Flowering begins in July and ends with the onset of frost. First, pale green bell-shaped flowers are tied, followed by purple or white flowers, the pistil in which has a fancy bend, decorated with staminate threads.

Growing kobei seedlings begins with planting seeds in February - March. Sprouted shoots in July are determined in open ground. But with such a planting scheme, it will not please with abundant flowering in the first year. To get good flowering, seeds are planted in July in open ground, and in winter they are brought into a warm room. At first, young stems tie up or form some kind of support. As they grow up, they will put on a mustache and grow on their own without outside help. Korobei can crawl up on any surface: a gazebo, a fence or a veranda. Growing boxes with seedlings outdoors in summer and when grown in winter in a warm room will provide luxurious flowering.

For the winter they cut the korobi and dug out, the roots are stored in containers with the ground at a temperature of 8 - 10 degrees Celsius. It is important to ensure that the ground is not too wet and dry. At the beginning of March, the roots are exposed to a bright place, the temperature and watering are increased. As soon as the korobya grows, it is ready for propagation by cuttings. They are cut off and planted in moist sand. In the warm months of May - June, it can be identified in open ground.

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