Narcissus variety

For a long time, the narcissist is considered a symbol of beauty and narcissism... Moreover, each new variety of daffodil acquired a new shape, color and beauty.

To date, about twelve thousand varieties narcissus. It takes several years to get a new species of this flower. First, two bulbs of different varieties are prepared, choosing the desired color of the future daffodil variety. Then they perform artificial pollination by removing pollen from the flower of the first bulb and transferring it to the pistil of the second bulb.

To prevent the addition of any other pollen, pollinated daffodils are covered with special muslin caps or pouches, which are removed only after the seeds have ripened.

Then the finished seeds are planted in a prepared box with soil. As soon as young plants emerge from the seeds, it is recommended to transplant them into separate small pots, in which they remain for two years. During this period, each daffodil forms a tiny onion. Only after transplanting to the beds is it possible expect flowering after three or even four years.

However, not every case produces the desired type of narcissist. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to repeat this long-term process more than once.

Despite the huge number of varieties, daffodils are distinguished not only by color, but also along the length of the stem, the size and shape of the cup... There are also wild daffodils and a variety of hybrids.

In an open area, the flowering of daffodils begins only in May and lasts about two months.

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