Useful properties of pine nuts

It takes just over a year to ripen pine nuts. Knowing this, it becomes clear why pine nuts in our stores are so expensive.

Useful properties of pine nuts also play an important role in the formation of the cost of the final product. Most of the Siberian cedar kernel (about 64%) consists of the highest quality oil. They also contain easily digestible proteins that are especially appreciated by humans - a little more than 17% of them.

Cedar is saturated amino acids, of which there are up to 19 items in the product. Among the amino acids, there are deficient and irreplaceable ones.

The vitamin composition of pine nuts is represented by the following set: thiamine, niacin, retinol, riboflavin and tocopherol.

Cedar kernels are also rich in carbohydrates - starch, sucrose, fiber, sugars, pentosans, glucose, destrins and fructose.

The beneficial properties of pine nuts have a positive effect on the health of those people who eat them. In addition, cedar fruits are characterized by high digestibility.

Pine nuts are recommended to be consumed by the male part of the population with problems in the genital area.

Composition of nutrients in pine nuts especially necessary for a developing and growing organism, therefore, they need to be included in the diet of women planning to become mothers. Pine nuts have a positive effect on the formation of breast milk when feeding a baby.

Residents of Siberia note the special effectiveness of pine nuts and oil from them for skin diseases. In some cases, this plant can help and with skin cancer.

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