What does a snowdrop look like?

We - residents of large cities - quite often do not really know what a particular plant that lives in the wild looks like. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to walk through the forest, meadows and fields for the purpose of self-education in this area.

But, for example, your little child, having heard the fairy tale "Twelve months", may ask you a question: "And what does a snowdrop look like? "And you can't really explain it to him, because you have never seen this beautiful spring flower live.

Snowdrops are the messengers of spring, they appear from under the snow in late February - early March. They begin to blossom in April, but if the weather is warm, then earlier. The snowdrop plant is very delicate, fragile, its flowers are snow-white in color, and the tips of the petals are pale green.

Snowdrops grow up to about 15 cm, their leaves are dark green in color. Snowdrop belongs to perennial bulbous plants.

Snowdrops grow under trees, shrubs. Quite often, not knowing what a snowdrop looks like, it is confused with such a plant as a white flower. What distinguishes the snowdrop from it is the number of inner petals with green tips: the snowdrop has three of them, and they are surrounded by three larger white petals.

Unfortunately, snowdrops have long been listed in the Red Book. There are not so many of them left, but people continue to pick them instead of preserving this delicate spring flower. Some types of snowdrops are on the verge of extinction.

And although snowdrops can stand for a very long time plucked in the water, it is still better to admire them in the conditions of their natural growth, and not to exterminate this miracle of nature.

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