Ampel petunia in the photo

How I love these flowers, modest in nature. After all, they are used to decorate flower beds at hotels, and pots with petunias are hung throughout the territory.

Ampel petunia in the photo - this is a hanging planter with a mop (otherwise it cannot be called) saturated with a variety of natural colors of flowers. If an ampelous petunia is planted in such pots, then the plant will be able to grow evenly and, hanging its delicate branches, delight those around it with lush flowering. She is good at long tubsplaced on the windowsill or along the paths.

To make the ampelous petunia look incredibly beautiful in the photo, you should knowsome rules for its cultivation... The main ones concern the following issues:

  • Seed selection... Experts recommend giving preference to quality seeds supplied by Western breeders;
  • The choice of soil. Ampel petunia grows well in loose and nutritious soil. The soil should retain moisture well. You can mix such a soil mixture yourself, but it is easier to rely on ready-made ones, which are easy to buy in gardening stores;
  • Compliance with sowing dates. Based on the fact that it takes three months for a young petunia plant to develop, the sowing time can be adjusted. So, if the seeds are sown in February, then the petunia bush will bloom by May or June. You can sow petunia of several varieties with a certain period of time and result in continuously flowering ampelous plants.
  • Organization of watering and feeding... While the sprouts have just hatched, it is better to moisten the ground from a spray bottle. Further, adult petunia bushes are watered as the soil dries up. In the first weeks of growth, petunia should be fertilized with foliar dressing. In the future, fertilization of the soil is combined with its watering.

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