Osteospermum in the photo looks like a chamomile

Osteospermum in the photo resembles chamomile in appearance, although it belongs to the Cape daisy class... The genus has about 70 species.

Russian gardeners can only grow on a personal plot annual species of Cape daisies... A widespread species in Russia is the Eklona osteospermum; it is often grown in the form of an indoor flower.

For good growth, you must choose sunny place on the plot... Loves fertile and loose soil. Water should be watered sparingly, but so that moisture from the soil did not have time to evaporate completely... A slight drought will not harm the plant, but even a little shading will play a negative role. There is nothing to be done, Cape daisies are very fond of light. Mineral fertilizers are suitable as top dressing, they are especially needed during the flowering period. Periodically, the plant must be pinched. Be sure to remove faded flowers in time. Osteospermum in the photo can be grown in Russian conditions as a perennial plant. To do this, they put it in containers, in the summer they are taken out into the fresh air, and in the winter they are placed in a cool, bright room.

For reproduction, cuttings, seeds are used and the bush is divided. Seeds are sown in late March - early April in a box with loose and damp soil, after which they are covered with foil or glass. As soon as the first shoots appear, the plant can be transplanted into pots. Seeds can be sown directly into open ground, but they will bloom later.

Watch the video: Остеоспермум. Osteospermum. (January 2022).