Oregano: growing a medicinal plant

Oregano, also often referred to as forest mint, incense, flea and marjoram, is a perennial herb that, due to the content of essential oils, has a strongly pronounced specific odor. Forest mint is also grown as a cultivated plant. for the purpose of collecting medicinal raw materials.

Oregano seeds are best sown in soil abundantly fertilized with manure and superphosphate since autumn at a sufficiently high air temperature: as a rule, this is done not earlier than mid-May... Seeds are sown without preliminary preparation in even rows, between which there should be about half a meter of free space, then the rows are carefully mulched and watered. At first, the seedlings of oregano, which germinate two weeks after sowing, are very small and fragile, so it must be protect against weeds by constantly breaking through them and keeping the garden clean. Too dense seedlings, if necessary, should be broken through, leaving the plants at a distance of 15-20 centimeters.

After two months, oregano is already getting strong enough and does not need special care (for the normal development of the plant there will be just water from time to time). You can collect medicinal raw oregano already in July, when the plant begins to bloom. Throughout the summer with oregano cut leafy flowering stems, which are then dried and threshed, and in September they collect seeds from the peduncles remaining after the collection of raw materials.

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