Tuberose in the photo

So many flowers are worthy to be settled in your garden, but it is impossible to study all the varieties of beautiful plants. And so tuberose in the photo many for the first time open this beautiful flower.

Tuberose is also called tuberous polyanthes... This plant is a perennial herbaceous corm plant. The tuberose in the photo shows what exactly this plant is valued for - of course, for its beauty. Also, one cannot but pay attention to the wonderful aroma, which can change throughout the day. This plant blooms from July to October. Cut tuberose can last for almost two weeks without losing its flavor.

The corms of this plant must be planted in the spring in the ground to a depth of about 1-2 cm. You can not water the tuberose until the leaves appear. But as soon as the plant begins to actively grow, it is immediately necessary to provide abundant watering. At the same time, it is also necessary to feed the plant with nitroammophos.

Tuberose will grow remarkably both in partial shade and in sunny areas. This plant reproduces by children, which appear around the mother in the first year. They can be separated already in the middle of summer - this will allow the mother corm to bloom. The plant can also be propagated by cuttings or dividing.

The advantage of this flower is also the fact that it can be for the winter, carefully dig up and plant in a pot, then at home it will be able to please with its flowering in winter.
Tuberose is quite disease resistant. It can very rarely suffer from bears, aphids or mice. It is very good to plant tuberose as a precursor for dahlias or other ornamental plants.

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