Gladiolus Priscilla - handsome crimped

Probably, each of us remembers himself as a first-grader with a huge bouquet of gladioli! This flower is a classic sign of fall. But before, mostly gladioli were of fairly simple shapes and colors: red, white, pink. Now, breeders every year bring out new magnificent varieties of gladioli.

One of the most beautiful varieties - gladiolus priscilla... One branch of gladiolus of this variety is enough to create a lush bouquet.

The gladiolus flowers of this variety are painted in a white-pink hue, which even becomes crimson closer to the edges of the petals.

The cultivation of the Priscilla variety is no different from the standard conditions for planting and caring for gladioli.

  • At the beginning of April, the bulbs are cleaned of excess covering scales and placed, for example, in boxes in diffused light.
  • When exposed to light, each bulb sprouts. Wait until they become 3 to 5 cm tall.
  • For planting on the site, choose an open, bright place for gladioli.
  • The soil requires careful digging to a depth of 30-40 cm and cleaning from weeds, if necessary, organic and mineral fertilizers can be applied.
  • It is good to plant gladioli in the place where dahlias, marigolds, zinnia, tomatoes, legumes, onions, garlic grew before them.

Caring for this flower crop includes weeding, loosening the soil, timely watering and fertilizing.

Gladioli of any variety, including the gladiolus Priscilla, will make a great decoration for your garden.

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