Reseda flower

Just a few years ago mignonette flower was an adornment of almost every city flower bed and front garden. However, despite the obviousness and indisputability of the decorative qualities of mignonette, lately they began to forget her unfairly, and now this flower can be seen very, very rarely.

The mignonette flower got its name for its healing properties: the word "resedare" can be translated as "soothe", "heal". In the old days, this plant was widely used in folk medicine. as a powerful pain reliever... Reseda is also revered by beekeepers, since this plant is an excellent honey plant. And, of course, one cannot fail to mention the use of mignonette in perfumery: its delicate scent is present in many women's perfumes, giving them a special lightness and weightlessness.

This flower has a huge number of varieties. The most popular and widespread selection varieties of reseda are Rubin, which is characterized by copper-pinkish tinge of dense inflorescences, Goliath, which attracts attention with bright red flowers, which are collected in large pyramidal inflorescences, and Masha, which has modest reddish-white flowers. Very valuable from a floristic point of view is such a mignonette variety as Victoria, fragrant flowers of which are collected in fairly large inflorescences and are painted in an intense dark brown hue.

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