Chinese gooseberries - we are all familiar with them!

Have you tried at least once chinese gooseberry? Say no! But it seems that you are mistaken, because the famous kiwi is called the Chinese gooseberry!

Why is kiwi considered a Chinese fruit? Yes, because the first cultivators of it were the settlers of Ancient China, and many years later this fruit came to Europe through the New Zealand lands.

Kiwi it is the fruit of cultivars from the Actinidiaceae family. Actinidia, and this is the Chinese gooseberry, is a liana-like shrub with falling leaves. Liana grows very quickly and in a short time can reach a height of up to 8 meters.

In Russia, actinidia can be found on Far East, as well as on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasuswhere four of its species are grown. Actinidia has been recognized by gardeners for its decorative properties - it looks great on vertical supports.

Actinidia Chinese does not tolerate frost well, but other representatives of this genus - acute actinidia, actinidia colomicta and polygamous actinidia are not so demanding on weather conditions.

To obtain a high yield, it is better to plant the plant on well-warmed by the sun areas... Cuttings or seeds, and this is how this liana multiplies, it is better to plant in well-moistened, fertile soils.

Actinidia fruits and leaves are sometimes affected gray mold or powdery mildew... Leaves are also loved to feast on moth caterpillars and leaf-eating beetles... An effective measure for the control of these pests iscareful collection and timely burning of fallen and diseased leaves.

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